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The top entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business professionals around the world use authority marketing to hyper grow their business and dominate their market.

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Authorities leverage their loyal following to host online and offline events. Examples include teleseminars, webinars, in-person seminars, bootcamps, and workshops.

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Authority Marketing, featuring a global reach, is the only magazine in the world focused on the topic of authority marketing and written exclusively for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business professionals.

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Keeping up to date with the most modern trends and influences in our business is one of our top priorities. View our articles to stay up to date with Authority Marketing.

The Authority Marketing Institute is THE globally recognized place entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professionals go to position themselves and their company as leader and expert in their industry, community, or marketplace.

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This site is full of information on all aspects of Authority Marketing. Here are some tips for finding the information that will best meet your needs.The Authority Marketing Institute (AMI) is filled with business management resources to help you understand, manage, and motivate your people and your business from.

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Authority Marketing Summit featuring Dan Kennedy

The Authority Marketing Summit

The Summit is for Advantage Authors and non-Advantage Authors who are entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business professionals interested in raising their authority to grow their business. Attendees are encouraged to register a spouse, key employee, or 1099 who is responsible for assisting with marketing activities.

Most Recent Articles

Host a Successful Book Launch Event

Host a Successful Book Launch Event

You did it. Congratulations. Your book is finally complete and you are now a published Author. Take advantage of the opportunity and celebrate! Why not share your success with the world and host a book launch event? Follow these cost effective and insightful tricks to...

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Maximize The Value of Your Content

Maximize The Value of Your Content

Creating original content is no easy feat. Publishing valuable information that can convert a reader into a lead, presents an even tougher challenge. Is the content that you provide fulfilling its purpose or driving people away? Follow these four tricks to help get...

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Authority MarketingTM Magazine

Authority Marketing Magazine

The Authority Marketing Magazine is a bi-monthly marketing print magazine published by the Authority Marketing Institute for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals.