The Pillars of Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing combines many brand and marketing strategies to systematically position a person as the authority in his or her industry, marketplace, or community.

Branding & Omnipresence

To be seen as an authority, you must have a larger-than-life brand and be everywhere. When you think of a business person in the world today who is omnipresent, you likely think of the likes of Richard Branson or Donald Trump. Branding begins with your logo, your look and feel, your color palette, your website, and the design of your collateral materials. Omnipresence is the act in deploying those brand assets into the marketplace to show up in many places.

Content Marketing

Authorities are seen as experts, and experts are constantly publishing new content for their consumer public. The content should come in multiple forms and multiple sizes. Content marketing includes everything from articles, authorship of professional bookstore books, blogs, podcasts, whitepapers, and more.

Lead Generation

An often neglected element of authority marketing is lead generation. If you are utilizing authority marketing for yourself or your business, we can only guess it is to grow your business. To grow, you must help more customers and/or do more business with the customers you already have. Leveraging your authority position in your industry, community, or marketplace to effortlessly generate more qualified leads — a magnet with leads flowing toward you — is one of the most effective ways to monetize your authority marketing initiatives.

Referral Marketing

Similar to lead generation, referral marketing is taking it one step further. Rather than generating cold leads, you are proactively engaging satisfied customers to facilitate introductions to new prospects. People don’t believe what you say about yourself, they believe what others say about you! Generating a constant flow of referrals from satisfied customers is one of the most cost effective ways to grow any organization.

Public Relations & Media

Being interviewed and featured in the news – radio, television, print, and online — is the fastest way to build the credibility and expertise for an individual or an organization. When consumers see “As Seen On/In” with numerous logos of prestigious media outlets, it immediately builds confidence and trust in the mind of the prospect. Being interviewed regularly also helps create that sense of “omnipresence.”


One of the most certain ways to have an influence on a mass number of people is to speak. When speaking from the stage, you are automatically seen as an authority by the audience. Speaking can create significant income streams through fees alone, but the opportunity to sell product in the back of the room, generate leads and interest from the audience, and co-opt other people’s customers to become your customers make speaking one of the most desired and sought after authority marketing channels available.


Authorities command influence and have a following of true fans. From noted business author Jim Collins, to the godfather of direct marketing Dan Kennedy, authorities leverage their loyal following to host online and offline events. Examples include teleseminars, webinars, in-person seminars, bootcamps, and workshops.